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Avon Grove School Board Meeting
Monday October 24, 2019

Members present for the School Board Meeting included Ms. Tracy Lisi, Mr. John Auerbach, Mr. Charles Beatty, Mr. Jeff Billig, Mr. Rick Dumont, Mr. Herman Engel, Ms. Lynn Weber, Ms. Bonnie Wolff, and Mr. Bill Wood.

Meeting Agenda:

I.  Presentations

There was a presentation by the AG Intermediate School Garden Club.  The Grades 4-5-6 club grows vegetables in raised beds on school property and donates what they grow to the Chester County Food Bank.

II.  Committee Reports

1.    Facilities

  • Project updates were discussed as well as the completion of the outdoor track.

2.   Finance/Budget

  • There may be state rebate money available for seniors who can’t get to the schools to volunteer.
  • The Act 1 index for AG for next year will be 3.5%.

3.    Curriculum

  • A new math program is being considered.
  • A language immersion program is being considered- ½ time English, ½ Spanish.

4.    Co-curricular

  • An effort is being made to standardize the colors and mascots of all AG schools and to consolidate the handbooks.

5.   Committee of the Whole Meeting

  • The summary of the Oct 16th meeting has already been posted.

III.  Superintendent’s Report

1.   Enrollment is 5059 in the AG schools and 1865 in the AG Charter School of which 714 are from the AG School District.

2.  The District is applying for a grant to upgrade security doors in the high school.

3.  The Facilities Project has been presented to Penn Township and will go to the Zoning Hearing Board to request several variances for zoning requirements not addressed in the proposed land development plan.

IV.  New Business
Mr Auerbach proposed a motion to eliminate the inclusion of a Community Health Center from further consideration as part of the projects the district is undertaking as defined by resolution 18-13 approved on April 26, 2018.  The board voted unanimously to approve this motion. 

The initial motion proposed by Mr Auerbach was to eliminate the Community Health Center from further consideration as part of the projects the district is currently undertaking or on District property in the future.  Ms Wolff and Mr Wood asked that the phrase “in the future” be removed from the motion.