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​​Special Avon Grove School Board Meeting
Approval of PlanCon D and E for submission to PA Department of Education
Monday October 14, 2019

Members present for the School Board Meeting included Ms. Tracy Lisi, Mr. John Auerbach, Mr. Jeff Billig, Mr. Rick Dumont, Mr. Herman Engel, Ms. Lynn Weber, Ms. Bonnie Wolff, Mr. Bill Wood and Mr. Charles Beatty.

Meeting Agenda:

Tonight’s meeting included one Business Office item which was item 2.01 “Approval of PlanCon D and E for submission to PDE (Pennsylvania Department of Education). Several questions were asked by the board members starting with Ms. Lynn Weber. Ms. Weber questioned the language of the resolution to make sure that this document was only being filed with respect to the new high school on the Sunnyside Road property. Mr. Auerbach followed up with concerns that previous projects submitted to PlanCon A and B, including the conversion of the current middle school to a new district office, were still active even though there had been no decision to proceed with them.  Mr. Beatty and Mr. Dumont had also added commentary to make sure that PlanCon D and E was being approved for ONLY the high school and no other aspects of the project. 

A revision to the Resolution was suggested by the solicitor, Andy Rau, which changed the language of the resolution to clarify further that these documents were only for the high school.  Mr. Beatty made a motion to accept the changes which were agreed to by the board.  The Resolution was passed as amended with a 7-2 vote with Weber and Auerbach as “nay”. The reason for the Nay vote is due to the fact that the documents being submitted to PDE do not accurately reflect the currently stated plans for the new high school.  Instead the documents include a Community Health Center Option in the new high school, an Early Learning Pre-K Lab in the base project and a separate project to convert the current middle school to a new District Office and K-12 Special Education Facility.  If the administration does not intend to pursue these projects then they should remove them from the document. 

It is also interesting to note that if one clicks on PA Department of Education website and searches for the “Active PlanCon Project Log” several projects are listed for the Avon Grove School District as indicated by Mr Auerbach during the meeting including a plan to convert the current middle school to a new district office and K-12 Special Education Facility. 

3927      AVON GROVE     CHESTER      HS

3926      AVON GROVE     CHESTER      MS



One can’t help but wonder when the administration is going to ask for additional money to pursue this project?  The need for even more tax dollars never seems to stop!

Upcoming Board Meetings:
Thursday October 17th – COW – Planning and Construction (High School Renovation Presentation)

Thursday October 24th – Last Business meeting before November 5th Election