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January 10, 2017

High School Roof Replacement

Facilities Committee Meeting

The Facilities Group met on to discuss 3 issues: the High School roof, the new floor for the PLE cafeteria, and the cost of a proposed digital sign located by AGIS and PLE.

High School (HS) Roof 
Experts presented their assessment of the HS roof. The HS roof is classified as a low sloped roof. The roof holds water because there is no slope to allow the water to drain. The roof over the majority of the HS is prone to longitudinal splits that occur at random and can become very large. Even when you fix the splits in the roof, the roof continues to split at the same spot or at other spots whose location is difficult to predict.

There is also an issue with the some wall sections that project above the roof, e.g. library. There are cracks in some areas that need to be sealed before they become a more significant problem.

Continuing to repair the roof will not solve the problem. Resaturating/coating the roof will not increase the tensile strength of the roof. It will continue to split. A new roof is needed at an approximate cost of $3 to 4 million. This cost does not include any repairs to the walls. Replacing the roof can only be done over the summer and not while the students are in school. A possible strategy is to start with the original foot print of the HS roof and identify those areas that are most disruptive to the educational process. After the initial area is replaced, move on to replace the adjacent areas. This project could be phased over 3 years. An expert should look at the walls before any repairs are made.

The school maintenance team will continue to investigate the situation with the roof. They will return to the Administration and School Board with a plan. The current budget includes $875,000 for repairs of the roof because Board Member Jeff Billig pushed hard do something about the long history of roof leaks. Without his efforts this issue would not be getting any serious consideration at this time. For those that might be thinking this issue would support a case for new construction, it is important to recognize that this building will continue to be utilized in all future scenarios under consideration. It is important to maintain the integrity of the existing facilities for the students that will be educated in this building and to prevent further deterioration and escalation of repair costs.

The presentation shown at the meeting has not been made available to the public.

Penn London Elementary Cafeteria Floor 
The maintenance team is exploring options for a new cafeteria floor in PLE, including an epoxy floor and vinyl tile. They will return with some options.

Digital Sign located by AGIS and PLE 
The cost of the proposed sign is higher than the sign installed at the HS. The reason for the increased cost is that the new sign is double-sided and electric has to be supplied to the sign via a separate service from PECO. It was mentioned that this sign will be partially funded by donation from the Penn London and Avon Grove Intermediate parent organizations.

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