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June 1, 2016

Board Votes to Increase Salaries for Administration Employees

At the School Board Meeting on May 26 the Board indicated that an agreement had been reached with the 24 administrators on their salary increase for the next 4 years: 1.5% for year 1, 1.5% increase for year 2; 2% increase for year 3 and a 2% increase for year 4. There is also the potential to have an additional increase based on merit in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years. These increases do not include an increase to the pension which is an additional 2.9%. The vote was the first time the topic was even mentioned publicly which was presumably discussed in Executive Session. There were no questions from the board and the motion to approve this increase was agreed by all.

In the reports from the committees to the full board the Facilities Committee recommended that the board adopt a budget that includes a version of the long range capital plan that includes a new roof for the existing high school building in 2016-17. The plan itself, reviewed in public meetings, is still not available to the public.

The Finance Committee reviewed a budget which includes approx $84 million in revenue with a portion of that coming from a 3.1% tax increase and approx $87 million in expenditures with the difference of >$2million coming from the general fund. Brian Gaerity also mentioned that a 5 yr plan was again brought up by Charles Beatty but the committee took no action and made no recommendations.

A motion was approved for the second reading of a new capital reserve budget which is the final step to approving the policy. This policy will designate 1 mil of tax revenue (currently ~$1.8 million) of all future revenue and tax increases for capital improvements/major construction. By policy this funding will not be available for any other purpose.

Meeting Schedule:

6/7 - Finance Committee Meeting 6:00 PM @ AGIS (final budget discussion)

6/9 - School Board Meeting 7:30 PM @ AGIS (vote on 2016-2017 budget & possibly FDK)​