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October 24, 2015

Which Candidates Want a Referendum on New Schools?
Which Support Transparency?

Candidate Scorecard Provides Clues

We surveyed all the candidates for school board to get their views on new school construction and budget transparency. Five school director positions are up for election in November, 2015. Most of those have only a single candidate who is running unopposed; only one school director position is being contested. Sadly, only one school board candidate bothered to answer our survey.

Important Note:  Avon Grove Taxpayers for Responsible Spending does not endorse any candidate and does not oppose any candidate. We provide information to help voters can make up their own minds on who to vote for. Please review the scorecard below to find out how the candidates feel about new schools and transparency.

Each candidate for school board was asked to answer 2 questions relating to new school construction and transparency. Only 1 candidate bothered to answer the survey, despite three attempts to get replies. We believe voters should consider this lack of response as indicative of how they will respond to voters' concerns if they are elected to office.

Each candidate was asked 2 questions:

  1. Do you pledge to vote against any major capital spending for the renovation or construction of new schools that has not been previously approved by Avon Grove voters?
  2. Do you believe that the school board should make public all information regarding labor costs (salaries, health benefits, pension costs, etc) that has been kept secret from the voters and taxpayers of AGSD?

Candidates Running for Election in November 2015

RegionCandidateNew SchoolTransparency
Region 1:
Franklin Township,
London Britain

Charles Beatty



Voters' approval needed

for new school


Information should be public

Gwen Livingston
No Response Given
No Response Given
Region 2:
Penn Township,
New London,
West Grove #1

Tracy Lisi
No Response Given
No Response Given
Jeff Billig
No Response Given
No Response Given
Region 3:
London Grove,
West Grove #2

Herman Engel
Incumbent - Unopposed
No Response Given
No Response Given
Bonnie Wolff
Incumbent - Unopposed
BWolff1@AvonGrove.org N
No Response Given
No Response Given