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October 12, 2015

Budget Can Stay Secret

Cost Data is Part of Negotiating Strategy

A Landenberg woman's 9-month effort to get accurate information about school labor costs came to an end today when Judge Mark Tunnell reversed a PA Open Records order and ruled the data can remain secret. The judge agreed with School officials that the requested data was part of their negotiating strategy, and was therefore exempt from public disclosure.

Chester County Court of Common Pleas judge Mark Tunnell ruled today that taxpayers have no right under Pennsylvania's Right to Know laws to budget information requested over 9 months ago by a woman in Landenberg. Ms. Jamie Cox, who represented herself in court, had requested information about salaries, benefits, health insurance, and pension costs related to the teacher's 3-year contract that had been signed in 2014.

According to the judge, since these figures were used internally by the board as part of their negotiating strategy with the union, they can be kept secret.

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