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October 6, 2015

Budget Ruling Delayed

Decision Now Expected October 12

A court decision that might force AGSD to release budget information has been delayed. Meanwhile, the board has been telling residents the budget information has always been available on-line.

On Monday, September 28, a woman from Landenberg had a hearing in front of Chester County Court of Common Pleas Judge Mark Tunnell asking that the AGSD make public budget information under Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know laws. Jamie Cox, who represented herself without an attorney, had asked that budget projections for AGSD be made public, as ordered by the Pennsylvania Department of Open Records. The district, represented in court by 2 lawyers from Unruh, Turner, Burke, & Frees as well as the District's Superintendent and Business Manager, argued that the budget should remain secret.

Judge Tunnell had previously indicated he would hand down a ruling by last Monday. That ruling is now expected on Monday, October 12 instead.

Various members of the school board have responded to citizen inquiries about the case and stated that all the budget information is (and has always been) on-line at the AvonGrove.org web site.

Unanswered by the board are the following questions:

If the budget information is on-line,

  1. Why did the board originally claim it did not exist?
  2. Why did it require three lawyers to defend and deny the request?
  3. Why did the state of Pennsylvania order the information be released?
  4. Why didn't the board simply find the relevant pages in the on-line documents and present it to Ms. Cox instead of going to court?

Avon Grove Taxpayers will publish a news alert with the results of the judge's ruling once it is available.

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