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Avon Grove School Board Election Results 2019
November 5, 2019

November 5th was an important election for the Avon Grove School Board Directors.  Five of the 9 members of the school board were up for re-election in 2019.  Four of the 5 incumbent board members were re-elected.  They include Mr Jeffrey Billig, Ms Tracy Lisi, Ms Bonnie Wolff and Mr Herman Engel.  Ms Dorothy Linn was also elected and she will replace the incumbent Mr Charles Beatty in Region 1.

The results of the Avon Grove School Board Directors races are as follows. Please note that in Region II and III, voters were asked to select 2 candidates.   

Avon Grove School District Region I includes Franklin Township (Precinct 240) and London Britain Township (Precinct 330). 

  • Charles Beatty          1171 (41%)
  • Dorothy Linn             1635 (58%)

Avon Grove School District Region II includes New London Township (Precinct 395), Penn Township (Precinct 410), and West Grove (Precinct 710)

  • Mark Stewart           1584 (22%)
  • Jeffrey Billig              2394 (33%)
  • Tracy Lisi                   3026 (42%)

Avon Grove School District Region III includes London Grove Township South (Precinct 345),  London Grove Township Chatham (Precinct 340), West Grove (Precinct 715), and Avondale (Precinct 10)

  • Christina Fanning     998 (20%)
  • Bonnie Wolff            2081 (43%)
  • Herman Engel          1665 (34%)

 Election turnout was 40% in Chester County.  Thank you to everyone who came out and voted.