Avon Grove Taxpayers for Responsible Spending


        Citizens, Parents, and Schools working together to bring Avon Grove into the 21st Century!

Like the people in this photo, we are parents, grandparents, and citizens who care about our schools.

We live in the Avon Grove school district. We think our schools are great, and we want them to stay that way.

Most of us have kids in the AG schools, or have had kids who have graduated from AG schools. Some of us

are retired and enjoy the high property values that great schools bring to a community. We know that

educating our kids is one of the most important civic duties we have. We are willing to spend money to make

sure our schools remain great.

However, we also are taxpayers in the AG school district. Nobody likes taxes, but we recognize that 

are required to keep our schools great. Great teachers, modern teaching equipment, athletics, bands, technology and other school activites all help to produce well-rounded, free-thinking, mature adults. Those things cost money, and we are willing to pay those costs.

However, we have seen our school taxes increase faster than the rate of inflation, and much faster than our incomes are rising. We hear about declining school enrollments and how the school board is considering expensive new schools. We wonder how a new school building will educate our kids better. We want to spend money that actually educates our kids, but are strongly against building monuments.

We see how the number of high cost, administrative, non-teaching positions increased in our schools, but we don't see any improvement in test scores.

We see an Administration that does not behave as if available revenue from the community is limited and that we must be selective about what new expenses, programs and capital improvements can be initiated.  The current board has consistently approved these requests resulting in a trend of of taxes being increased year after year by the maximum allowable amount without seeking public approval.. 

We see how the school board announces that labor costs have gone up by minuscule amounts, and then see obvious "errors" in those figures. When we investigate and ask for the real data, the school board hires lawyers to prevent us from getting the true information.

The information we provide in this site comes from the school administration and is generally available to the public though not necessarily easy to find or interpret. We invest the time to attend public meetings, search the web sites and ask questions to help others stay informed about what is going on and offer an alternative perspective on the issues.  Most of these issues would not be visible to the general public without the attention we have brought to them recently.  They are not hidden but rather typically only discussed and considered within the community directly involved with or employed by the school district.  Decisions made are critically important to the success of the schools and our community but they also have a substantial impact on the entire taxpaying community of stakeholders providing the resources to support those choices.  We encourage others to do their own research and reach their own better informed conclusions.

We are deeply concerned about our schools and our community.​